Get To Know Me!

Hey Yall! My name is Hannah Connell. I am 19 years old living out a dream I have had for years!! I currently have a job as a receptionist at a Salon In Augusta, GA and am now excited to share the love of shopping with others. Growing up as a plus size girl at a young age was difficult, especially when shopping with friends or family. This boutique was created for everyone to feel welcome no matter your Beauty! The reason for creating this boutique in honor of my Aunt Candy was every year on Black Friday we would shop for hours! Our love for shopping made it easier for me growing up to be able to feel comfortable to even walk into a boutique. My goal is to bring joy and happiness to girls like me when it comes to shopping with their friends! I can't thank y'all enough for giving me the ability to bring this dream into a reality!!

XOXO ~Hannah 💜